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This site is basically my Internet sandbox, to experiment with things that strike my fancy. It first went live in June of 1994, and over the years, has run Linux, a free Unix like clone, was switched over to a Sparc system for a while, and is now running FreeBSD. This site is run by Seng-Poh Lee, purely for fun. Most of the interesting stuff that goes on here is not visible, and this public portion of the site is not going to get anymore interesting.

 There are several public items or links hosted here:
My Prius Generator page
My live Solar Generator status
My public Speedy WebCAM
My Weather Station. (Reports as KMAANDOV4 at
General DataComm (GDC) Ex-Employee List
The ex-Convergent Networks contact list
The Arris/Cascade/Ascend AX Memorial Site
My 15 minutes of fame in the Lockheed/Network Solutions "Skunkworks" debacle

My Home Control & Monitoring Interface  (restricted access)

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